A Letter to our Friends

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Dear Friends,

We founded Business of Cannabis because we wanted to tell the stories of the people, trends and innovations shaping Canada’s exciting, disruptive, and often misunderstood, legal cannabis sector.

On November 28, 2017 after months of work, we publicly launched our platform at an event on a cold wintry evening in Toronto.   And today, exactly one year on from that first introduction to you, we are incredibly excited to have reached a major milestone, but also to announce that BofC will be acquired by Civilized Worldwide Inc.  You can read the complete press release here.

Civilized is a leading a media and lifestyle brand that highlights and embraces modern cannabis culture and shares our mission to bring authentic, sophisticated content to audiences across North America. If you’re not familiar with Civilized, we encourage you to hop on over to their website, here.

Our BofC office in Toronto will expand as Civilized establishes a physical presence in the city.  Operations will continue to be led by co-founders Blaine Pearson and Jay Rosenthal and our third co-founder, Reva Seth, will remain on as a strategic advisor but will no longer be directly involved in the business.

We are most excited about this next trip around the sun, and joining forces with Civilized because it will enable us to expand our offerings and improve the breadth and depth of the content and events that we produce.  

To date it has been an amazing and wild ride, in an industry that is unrivalled for its pace of change, growth and camaraderie. And so, we thank you, our partners, readers, event attendees and friends, for your support and we are looking forward to bringing you even more in the coming months.  


Blaine, Jay and Reva‍

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