The Delayed Effect Edition

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As the BofC team celebrates a Patriots’ victory – some football folks are getting into the cannabis game. Most notably, Tiki Barber and Joe Montana each are investing in cannabis.




If you were waiting anxiously for edibles in October – perhaps you may want to adjust your plans, so says Bill Blair.

In the National Post, a must-read about adverse effects of cannabis.


Lots written about supply issues this week:

Newfoundland is shuttering some cannabis stores because of lack of retail supply

But one researcher says the supply shortage could be shorter than expected.

Perhaps helping with the supply, BC craft growers are joining forces with the help of Barinder Rasode.

US + Beyond

We connected to canna-friends in New Jersey about the tri-state area’s path toward legal cannabis.

The World Health Organization is rescheduling cannabis! There was a party in the Canna-Twitterverse streets over this one.

Bermudans apparently like cannabis. Sixty seven percent of locals express support for legalization.

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