The 4:19 with Ali Mohamad, President & CEO, Lyte Clinics

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Lyte Clinics is a completely online (on mobile) medical clinic that authorizes patients to receive medical cannabis through the medical cannabis program in Canada. They are completely free for patients and have relationships with a large number of Canadian LPs to ensure that patients have choices in order to find the right medicine for them.

As well, Lyte Clinics recently inked a deal with Strainprint Technologies in order to provide patients with compelling data to support their protocols. As well, the Strainprint program for Lyte Clinics’ patients will enable Lyte to best serve their growing patient community of more than 3,500 patients.

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Cannabis Clinic to Leverage Strainprint™ Technologies for Medical Cannabis Treatment Guidance for Patients

TORONTO, Feb. 21, 2019 /CNW/ – Strainprint™ Technologies Ltd, the Cannabis Intelligence CompanyTM, is pleased to announce that leading medical cannabis telehealth clinic, LYTE Clinics, (“LYTE”) has joined its growing list of subscribers.

LYTE educates patients about medical cannabis and how to access it safely in Canada, helping patients acquire their medical cannabis authorization and gain access to licensed producers as a same day service.

“Aligning with Strainprint will open new doors not only for our patients, but to our educators and physicians as well,” says Ali Mohamad, President & CEO of Lyte Clinics. “Leveraging Strainprint’s highly intuitive, real-time data and analytics aligns with our commitment to using top-notch technology to provide our patients with optimal treatment guidance and a highly efficient and convenient user experience.”  

LYTE will leverage Strainprint’s full scope of data and analytic technologies, starting with a LYTE-branded version of Strainprint’s mobile app. Their members will have access to the free app through a unique activation code, enabling them to track their treatment sessions in real-time to help achieve the best results for their symptoms. The app also includes loyalty tools that will help drive engagement through redeemable discounts on merchandise. Additionally, LYTE will access the Strainprint Analytics web platform, the most sophisticated cannabis analytics platform available, to monitor patient performance and provide better treatment experience.  Strainprint Analytics is built on top of the largest and most granular scientific data set of its kind in the world, with more than 1.1 million anonymized, patient reported medical cannabis outcomes and over 50 million data points on strain efficacy.

LYTE is unique amongst cannabis clinics as the process of scheduling an appointment with a doctor, registering with a medical provider, and placing an order is all done online in a matter of minutes using state-of-art telehealth software. Educators and physicians are available for members to discuss different forms of consumption, strains and dosages.  Integrating Strainprint’s recommendation platform will add another layer of technology to differentiate LYTE’s services.

“We’re looking forward to working with LYTE to serve their physicians and thousands of patients.  We share the same philosophy and passion for improving lives through the education and fact-based treatment,” said Strainprint CEO, Andrew Muroff. “That common goal is made possible by using advanced technology and data.”

About Strainprint™
Founded in Toronto in 2016, StrainprintTM Technologies Ltd. is the leading demand-side cannabis data and analytics company. With the world’s largest longitudinal, observational data-set of its kind and a mission to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis and its legitimization as a mainstream therapy, Strainprint helps medical cannabis patients and doctors to use cannabis in the most effective and responsible way possible. The StrainprintTM data platform supports global cannabis research and provides advanced business intelligence and treatment guidance to producers, retailers, medical practitioners, pharmacies, government and industry. Strainprint is HIPAA, PIPEDA and PHIPA privacy compliant, military-grade encrypted and all patient data is completely anonymized and at rest in Canada. Strainprint can be seamlessly embedded or integrated with most electronic medical records (EMR), point of sale (POS) and seed2sale software systems.  Strainprint Analytics is accessed by customer subscription. The Strainprint App is free to patients and can be downloaded from both the iOS App Store and GooglePlay Store. Strainprint was created by patients for patients, to learn more of the genesis of the app have a look at Steph’s Story or visit us at, facebook, twitter, or linkedin.

About LYTE Clinics
Lyte Clinic founded in 2016 is one of Canada’s leading virtual cannabis clinics. With its cutting edge platform, Lyte is able to see patients across 9 provinces. With 22 licensed producers to choose from, patients will never run out of options for good quality medical cannabis. Covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan(OHIP), this gives Lyte the ability to allow patients access to medical cannabis completely free of charge to see a doctor. Helping over 3500 patients daily, Lyte has become the choice clinic for many Licensed Producers to send both their staff and their patients to with the utmost confidence. Lyte Clinic sees patients from the most remote places in Canada through their virtual clinic platforms. This allows them to become a leader in connecting rural parts of Canada to doctors and helping them gain access to medical cannabis when no other options are available. With their new Clinic in a Box initiative, Lyte has now expanded into working with a number of pharmacies, to help them gain access to a cannabis clinic with 5 doctors on staff and over 22 Licensed Producers to choose from. You can visit Lyte Clinics online at LyteClinic.comFacebookInstagram

SOURCE Strainprint Technologies Ltd.

For further information: Media Contact: Jessica Moran, Director, Marketing & Communications, Strainprint Technologies Ltd., 519-494-5379,‍

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