Announcing 2019 Medical Cannabis Week presented by Business of Cannabis

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Business of Cannabis is pleased to announce the dates for 2019 Medical Cannabis Week – Presented by Business of Cannabis.

Expanding on the success of 2018’s inaugural year, Medical Cannabis Week – Presented by Business of Cannabis aims to show the importance, value and efficacy of medical cannabis through compelling content, unique research and data and engaging events that bring together patients, practitioners, industry and the general public

This year, events will take place between May 6th and 10th and be organized around core themes, including – but not limited to:

– Doctors + Clinics + Patients

– Advocacy

– Research/Data + Innovation

– Cannabis + Sport

– Regulations

– Animal Health

Also new for 2019, 2019 Medical Cannabis Week – Presented by Business of Cannabis is expanding nationally with a program that allows companies, organization and individuals to host their own events through our affiliate partner program.

For more details, please contact Blaine Pearson at or Jay Rosenthal at

In the coming weeks, Business of Cannabis will roll out the roster of partners, supporters and event locations.

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