BofC Comments on CBC News Story About Ontario Chamber of Commerce Retail Cannabis Recommendations

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Business of Cannabis co-founder and president Jay Rosenthal was quoted in a CBC News story about the Ontario Chamber of Commerce recommendations related to retail cannabis options in Ontario.

Jay Rosenthal is Co-founder and President of Business of Cannabis, which does research and analysis in the emerging economic sector, and wants to see the province act on recommendations like that sooner than later.

“I think the goal of every level of government is to drive out the black market and I think part of that is really finding more and better retail access for cannabis for consumers,” he said.

Rosenthal says many licence holders in the first batch of 25 stores permitted had a hard time getting up and running by April 1st. He thinks that’s because their ability to open a store within just three months notice was never assessed.

Rosenthal also supports the OCC recommendation to allow licensed producers to operate retail operations, saying no one is more motivated to sell than producers themselves.

“Once we see more retailers come online I think we’ll really see more people choose the legal market versus the black market and that’s really the long term game.”

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