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Last week, Business of Cannabis presented Medical Cannabis Week across 7 events, over 5 days in 2 cities. Thousands of people joined in – both in person and through the Medical Cannabis Week live stream. Over the next several weeks, we will provide highlights of the week through this newsletter and through our social channels.

There was also some compelling coverage of Medical Cannabis Week on Breakfast TelevisionThe Growth Op and CTV News.

But Medical Cannabis Week was just one of the stories that captured attention last week, the big news was Health Canada’s revisions to the licensing processes – changing things considerably for those looking to enter the industry. Bloomberg looks at if these changes will make shortages worse.

There have also been a round of stories about Ontario cannabis retailers who lost $50,000 each due to not opening their doors by May 1. BofC’s Jay Rosenthal shared thoughts on this Newstalk 1010 story.

From retail to music. A cannabis music festival is coming to the GTA this summer – Vaughn specifically. Mark your calendars for August 23-25 for Journey Cannabis & Music Festival.

And from cannabis to mushrooms. Denver voters voted to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms last week. None other than writer Michael Pollan chimes in with some thoughts in the New York Times.

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