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A big week for the Business of Cannabis team as we head into Cannabis + Technology this Friday. Limited tickets are still available. If you do not currently have tickets but wish to attend – best to get your tickets today here – it’s gonna sell out.

BofC Live featured a number of partners for the Cannabis + Technology event last week, including Robert W.E. Laurie of Ad Lucem Law CorporationSarah Seale of Pineapple Express DeliveryMary-Margaret Jones of RNMKR Agency and Loïc Calvez from ALCiT.

Movement on a US cannabis banking bill will happen this week in the House of Representatives. Making this the week where US politics will seem normal and positive – and the Canadian political landscape continues to be aggravating. 

And as we are talking cannabis policy, the folks at Canada 2020 are putting on an event in October and you could/should be there:

A few updates on Ontario’s $42 million cannabis loss last fiscal year AND paths forward on retail cannabis plan in the Province.

WDBX profiled who you may want to follow to keep up to date: (hint: you are reading our newsletter…) 

BofC provided updates to Ontario Morning on CBC about Ontario’s cannabis sales last fiscal year.

If Ontario’s cannabis roll out has been the challenge – other Provinces are moving ahead – and quickly. Alberta is still crushing itVancouver is pushing ahead quickly too.  

BofC co-founder and president Jay Rosenthal provided insight to this Maclean’s story about the uneven allocation and cost variation of cannabis across the country

You may have heard that CannTrust is having some problems. Those problems got a bit worse this week: Health Canada suspended their license and Alberta sent back the CannTrust cannabis

And it wasn’t just CannTrust that had their license suspended by Health Canada. Evergreen Medicinal Supply did as well

If you thought the CBD craze was over… 

Finally, for those that follow the Canadian cannabis Twittersphere closely, Jungle Strike Guy himself, Mike Zmuda, joined BofC Live last week to talk about his work…

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