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It was a big week of celebration and industry self-reflection in the Canadian cannabis sector last week. But what’s next? 

May suggest two events to put on your calendars in the coming weeks:

Event 1 – October Leaf Forward Toronto Meetup: This Thursday join Leaf Forward for a focus on cannabis and media. Business of Cannabis is partnered on this event at Startwell on King Street West in Toronto. 

Event 2 – Cannabis Europa, November 5: Discuss transatlantic deals, partnerships and politics at the upcoming Cannabis Europa: The Transatlantic Forum in Toronto, November 5th. Join Supreme, G4S, Canopy Rivers, Nesta and Atlas Growers to explore and facilitate partnerships and deals between Canada and Europe’s biggest operators and most influential politicians. Use BOCreader for 15 percent off tickets here.

As the first year of legalization came to a close and year two prepares to unfold: here were some highlights of the coverage and insight…

Canadians spent $1.1 billion on regulated cannabis in year 1

Alberta still leads the way with cannabis retail – with nearly 500 stores to be open on the near-term horizon (2021). 

Cannabis businesses are estimated to invest $700 million by year’s end in Atlantic Canada.

On the eve of the anniversaryJodi Butt looks to be joining the Aphria board.

Deepak Anand penned a piece about year 1/year 2 in Business in Vancouver

And while we’re in BC, the government there is looking to give cannabis retail a nice shot in the arm, including farm-gate shops. 

To Calgary, where CityNews took a look at what 2.0 looks like (including some insight from Business of Cannabis co-founder Jay Rosenthal). 

Jay Rosenthal also stopped by Breakfast Television Toronto for anniversary coverage.

In non-anniversary news:

TGOD radically altered their cultivation projections for 2020

HEXO announced their first beverage from Truss

The Ontario Cannabis Store wants to hear from industry about how to do its work better. Sending excited shockwaves through the industry

Finally, for your podcast downloading pleasure:

And finally, check out Episode 2 of Pitch Forward with Munchy Brothers.

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