Goodbye Ontario Lottery

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From the Provinces…

The news that drove the Canadian cannabis conversation this week was the hope for revisions of the retail framework in Ontario. Hello unlocking hundreds of licenses, and (presumably) goodbye lottery.

Business of Cannabis provided some thoughts on the Province’s approach: The Agenda with Steve Paikin and The Craig Needles Show

Speaking of cannabis retail, the Beaches in Toronto may have a small NIMBY issue with a potential store

Quebec is still making (ahem) interesting moves in the cannabis space. Increasing the age of purchase/consumption to 21, limiting 2.0 products, etc… BUT, they are looking to open 15 more stores

From the US…

Cannabis legalization made it into the Democratic Presidential candidates’ debate with Senator Cory Booker asking if Vice President Joe Biden was high when he came up with his position on legalization. 

A legalization bill passed and important committee vote the House of Representatives last week. The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act passed a committee vote and will head to the full House for a vote. As you may have heard, however, the House and Senate are involved in some other activity right now

If you’ve been craving Michigan bud, your wait is nearing an end. Michigan adult-use recreational cannabis will be for sale starting December 1. Public Service Announcement: This does not mean you can cross the Ontario/Michigan border with cannabis.

From Israel…

The long-awaited gameplan to allow for export of cannabis from Israel is looking promising. Of course, like in the US, Israel has some other things going on right now.

From Business of Cannabis…

Dan Sutton from Tantalus Labs stopped by the studio to talk about what it means for Tantalus Labs to be included in the Ontario Cannabis Store.

The full run of BofC Live podcasts recorded at the Canada 2020 conference in October have been launched. Podcasts include Bruce Linton, Anne McClellan, Trina Fraser and Nik Nanos. Listen.

This week, our On A High podcast features Lauren Davie, Director of Retail at Superette. 

And last week, our Pitch Forward start-up podcast featured the team from the Subtle Dildo Edible Company. (Seriously…)

Later this week, tune in for Melinda Rombouts from Eve & Co on BofC Live.

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