NFL follows MLB on THC

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As Spring Training gets underway, another sports league is taking the lead from Major League Baseball when it comes to cannabis – giving a whole new meaning to Bud Bowl.

With the industry in downsizing mode, some former Aurora employees are taking their pink slips and heading straight to their keyboards to dish secrets via Twitter

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The NFL appears to be following the MLB when thinking about cannabis use among players. The sports world is moving pretty fast on the THC front.

As the Province of Ontario considers what to do about public consumption – including lounges and events – Edmonton wants to move way fasterJesse Kline chimed in on the topic in the National Post. If you are looking for deep insight into what the future may hold, check out the Cannabis Forward event in Toronto this Thursday night. (See below for details.)

Remember the story over the past 10 days about how aluminum cans suck the THC out of cannabis beverages? Well, it seems Canopy knew about the problem for 10 months.

The Ontario Cannabis Store has been dropping prices dramatically. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself

And while the OCS drops prices here, in BC a group of budtenders are organizing and joining the United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union

Remember how wholesome the folks at Green Relief seemed when you first heard about them? The family-run operation using fish poo to provide sustainable nutrients to their plants, etc., etc. Well, this story paints a different picture about the previous management. 

There have been significant layoffs at Aurora of late, but some of the 500+ folks haven’t been sitting idly by. They are taking to Twitter in the form of @iwasaurora

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