BofC Live with Ali Mohamed, Lyte Clinic

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On this episode – BofC Live features a conversation with Ali Mohamed, CEO of Lyte Medical, a telehealth platform providing access for medical cannabis patients. Mohamed described how their company has seen growth through the COVID-19 period as well as their partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart.

When you are dealing with prescription medication, you want to have it come from a trusted, reliable source. A lot of these license producers are phenomenal, they are so medically focused. But it’s hard to go with a brand like Shoppers, that are so well-established when it comes to customer and patient care, it’s a big deal. So for them to be continuously growing out this platform and continuing to take on patients and educating them, there is a demographic that is still uncaptured. It is the ones that are transitioning from the opioid, the alcohol, the pain relief, different types of holistic medication, by working with Shoppers, it allows us to capture many more demographics. It is such a credible source to work with, it takes away the pain in the pressure or the fear out of the patient because they know it is coming from a reliable, trusted source.

Learn more about Ali Mohamed and Lyte.

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