Lucas McCann of CannDelta talks farm gate cannabis retail in Ontario

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On June 1, CannDelta became the Official Regulatory Advisory of Business of Cannabis. Each week, we connect with the CannDelta team to “Ask the Experts” on a topic relevant to the sector. This week, we speak with Lucas McCann for an up-to-the-minute status report from the AGCO.

Separation is key. Making sure that these operate as separate stores, separate entities, separate businesses is really going to set yourself up for success later on down the road – that means separate secure storages and again separate staff will really help with that. We have seen a lot of sites where they’ve got size 7 foot tall chain link fences with a 12 inch topper with barbed wire facing outwards – very aggressive looking places and very little advertising on the outside. From that standpoint, the ability to have your store just across the way maybe would have been a nice addition but that’s not what we have in the rules and as far as we’re concerned the Registrar’s Standards will all apply after everything else besides what I have mentioned today.

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