Imraan Khan of Detonate Cannabis talks about their new platform connecting cannabis retailers and brands

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On this episode – BofC Live features a conversation with Imraan Khan of Detonate Cannabis and One to One – a new platform they developed to connect cannabis retailers with cannabis brands.

One of the biggest gaps after doing trade shows and speaking to LPs, that were going to places like Lift and O’Cannabiz and MJ Biz, the constant concern was, “We need to get this brand in front of consumers.” But the shows were changing and we wanted to, as a business, evolve into something that would be valuable to an LP/retailer so we traded the One to One platform. It bridges that marketing gap between retailers and LPs. Retailers are constantly knocking on the door asking, “How do you get in touch with the sales rep how do I get some materials in here?” And the LPs were telling us, “How do we get our brand into retail? How do we do this properly? How do we get our vinyl walls up?” It’s impossible in today’s landscape, with the amount of sales people and LP might have. If you’re a big LP, you probably have 10 sales reps or outsource that to smaller craft LP who probably has no one, or one person who is doing marketing and sales. So this platform allows a retailer to essentially log in and pick from an array of brands that are signed up with the platform and pick and choose different collateral that they have stored in our warehouse. If we take a bigger LP, they might have things like acrylic stands and strain cards and sell sheets to roll up banners to sales rep assets and if you’re a retailer, let’s say Hunny Pot for example, and they login they can click on HEXO and select an item that they want fulfill it from the warehouse and it’s in their shop. – Imraan Khan

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