91 days before the US election

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Legalization on the horizon in the US? Does the election matter (on this specific front)?

Happy Long Weekend (some of Canada) and Happy Mid-Summer (US) Friends.

The summer moves on amid the Presidential election (91 days out!), a raging pandemic in the US and a (hopefully) waning pandemic in Canada. So lots going on outside of cannabis.

But things happening inside of cannabis too from Ontario to the US Capitol.

Also, some upcoming events you should know about – including a deep-dive this Friday into opening a cannabis retail store and a great week coming up on BofC Live.

Read on…

The Ontario Cannabis Store (both the wholesaler to private cannabis retailers and ecomm/delivery monopoly) is likely to open a second warehouse in September. So, more supply to retailers – and more ability to compete with retailers – all at the same time. Marijuana Business Daily

And while we’re talking cannabis retail…

Those that follow Business of Cannabis already know this, but Superette opened their second store last week – their first in Toronto. Newswire

Watch our in-store BofC Live with Superette co-founders Mimi Lam and Drummond Munro:

And as more retails open up, a (possible) foreshadowing of what’s to come elsewhere, Regina is looking to limit cannabis retail locations. Leader Post

To the US, where the election is 91 days away: 

Cannabis jobs are staged to grow considerably in the future (especially if policy could be enacted in Washington). Marijuana Business Daily

A new bill in the Senate has been introduced to treat cannabis more like tobacco on the federal level. AND, another bill in the House gains steam… but, y’know – America right now. Marijuana MomentMugglehead

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