Drake, Wiz and HOBO exit Canadian cannabis

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As the summer rolls on we are getting closer to the US election (mercifully) but a bit further away from the election in New Zealand (which has cannabis consequences).

We also saw a week where 2 of the best known musicians in the world (apparently) exited the Canadian cannabis sector.

And in the biggest (cannabis Twitter) news of week, a Canadian cannabis retailer is changing its name.

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As the President of the United States aims to disrupt the election by canceling US mail, Marijuana Moment did a deep dive into Kamala Harris’s cannabis record. Marijuana Moment

As further evidence at how far ahead Canada is on the legalization front, the Democratic (!) National Committee will not include legalization in their official party platform at their convention this week. Marijuana Moment

The Prime Minister of New Zealand is delaying their election by one month because of COVID-19. Recall that a cannabis legalization measure is on the New Zealand ballot. CNN

For more on New Zealand’s measure, you can rewatch Brett Chang do a deep dive on BofC Live.

Musicians + Cannabis

Canopy announced that their partnership with Drake wasn’t going as planned – or possibly at all. BNN BloombergBlogTo

We have to wonder if there just wasn’t enough money for Drake as Canopy’s new CEO’s (hefty) compensation package was revealed… MJ Business Daily

Not to be outdone, Supreme announced that their partnership with Wiz Khalifa wasn’t happening either. The Deep Dive

Brands Doing Interesting Things

Interesting news last week about Auxly creating a national vape recycling program through a partnership with Greentec. An interesting kolab indeed. Newswire

We learned this week that cannabis retailer Fire & Flower is launching their own CBD wellness brand, revity. (Which your autocorrect will correct to ‘brevity’) Newswire

And finally, and we mean FINALLY, cannabis retailer HOBO is changing their name to Dutch Love. This week on BofC Live, we’ll connect with HOBO Dutch Love to talk about it. CP24

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