This Week: Willie Nelson, Martha Stewart and cross-border cannabis brands

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Back to school and back to reality (sort of). There is still a pandemic. There is still a US Presidential election. But to help ease the stress of these things – may we suggest a Martha Stewart CBD gummy?

It was a week that saw new CEOs take over big Canadian producers – and two meaningful cross-border brand launches. 

As well, we learned a bit about the Carter White House and how Willie Nelson made himself at home there.

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Cronos and Aurora both got new CEOs last week. Cronos – New Cannabis Ventures, Aurora – New Cannabis Ventures.

The number of states voting on cannabis measures this fall increased this week. Add Montana to the list. Marijuana Moment

Here’s some US political news that will make you smile – which is certainly hard to come by: President Jimmy Carter claims his son smoked cannabis on the White House roof with Willie Nelson. The Hill

And two stories that (maybe) speak to the cross-border nature of cannabis brands. 

Martha Stewart’s (Canopy Growth) CBD products hit the market in the US last week. Bloomberg

And as Canopy launches CBD gummies in the US, Wana gummies (a US brand) is launching their gummies in Canada (via Indiva). Newswire

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