Corporate Social Responsibility from the unlikeliest of sources

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It is Thanksgiving in Canada (and Croptober too!) – but it seems like a million miles away to Thanksgiving in the US, with a Presidential election sandwiched in between.

At Business of Cannabis, we are gearing up for Cannabis + Technology presented by CannBusiness ERP from NexTec event on October 21 and 22. Register here. We have a great line up of leaders and innovators exploring the full cannabis supply chain through the lens of leading technology. 

To celebrate Thanksgiving, this morning we headed to BC to check in with SpeakEasy founder Marc Geen – an intergenerational farmer growing in a near-perfect cannabis-growing climate. Watch

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends. And to our American friends, please vote early. Here are some tips

Read on:

We start on two non-news-related items, but items that stuck us as interesting this past week:

The Ontario Cannabis Store wants to hear from you. Not to complain about the OCS being the only online cannabis store in Ontario, but about how they should approach Corporate Social Responsibility. Have something to say? Fill out their survey.

Speaking of Corporate Social Responsibility, Peter Aceto, former CEO of CannTrust, wrote a piece on LinkedIn about how “It is time to be good again” from a corporate governance perspective… Peter Aceto/LinkedIn

Another interesting development in the maturation of Canadian cannabis: Alcanna, a cannabis retail chain based in Alberta, is pulling Canopy products from their shelves because of Canopy’s retail expansion out west. BNN Bloomberg

As cannabis wars heat up on Canada – cannabis companies in the US are text-spamming cannabis consumers leading to lawsuits. MJ Business Daily

If you are interested in receiving non-spammy toke texts, you can hear more about Toke Text from a summer-time interview we had with the founder Jeremy Potvin. Watch: BofC Live

And while you may not have been craving it – a Pabst Blue Ribbon cannabis beverage is coming. CNN

To the events’ circuit (or not):

BNN Bloomberg’s David George-Cosh continues to follow the fall-out from Lift & Co.’s bankruptcy proceedings:

Which brings us to the dates of the next Lift & Co. event in Toronto. May 2021

And if you were itching to get to Las Vegas this December for the annual MJ Biz Con cannabis pilgrimage, cancel your flights now. The show must go on(line). MJ Biz Con

Carlos Santana has launched a cannabis brand with Left Coast ventures. Ganjapreneur

And as another celebrity-backed brand hits the shelves (in California), California is cutting down the illicit cannabis trade – 1.1 million plants at a time. MJ Business Daily

Because it is fall and because New England screams “FALL” – we’ll end with this: Maine has come online as a legal cannabis state, making it the 10th in the US. MJ Business Daily

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