How a cannabis-centric payments company is enabling sector growth

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This video was recorded as part of Business of Cannabis’ event: Cannabis + Technology presented by CannaBusiness ERP from NexTec on October 21 and 22, 2020.

This conversation speaks to how tech-enabled, compliant payments and banking are driving the sector. If there is one single thing that separates the US and Canadian approaches to cannabis – it’s federal legalization. But why that is so important is largely because of the access to banking in Canada and not in the US. That said, Licensed Producers all the way down to retailers do not always have an easy go of it dealing with banking or receiving traditional banking services. Enter Merrco Payments. Specializing in cannabis payments – Merrco has become a cannabis payments leader. Creating a unique ecosystem of services and partners serving the sector. Fern Glowinsky, their President and CEO joined us to talk about what they are seeing in the sector, what they have learned over the past 2 years of legalization and where they see the road ahead.

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