A: The undeniable winner of the US election / Q: What is cannabis?

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There will be a new President in the US starting January 20, 2021 – but the road from here to there seems long and uncertain. 

A few certain things did happen last Tuesday, however: 

Cannabis (and other drugs) won big. From New Jersey to Arizona, from Mississippi to Oregon, from Montana to Washington, DC and back to South Dakota – cannabis legalization and drug decriminalization overall – had a big night.

Business of Cannabis also has a full docket of events in the coming month. Check out the events page for full details.

Now, onto the news.

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As you may have heard, there was an election in the US. Joe Biden is the President-elect. Kamala Harris is the Vice President-elect. Don’t @ us on social media for saying this. It is fact. There is no fraud. Nothing is being stolen. Voters vote. Vote counters count. Winners win and losers lose. 

For a full write up of how cannabis (and other drug) legalization and decriminalization efforts faired in the US in Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, Mississippi, Oregon and DC – here’s a full list. The short answer is that nothing unites voters across the country quick like decrim/legalization efforts. Marijuana Moment

Lots of financial reporting coming this week.

Cronos appears headed in a better direction. MJ Biz Daily

Also, of note, Canopy is moving from the New York Stock Exchange to NASDAQ. MJ Biz Daily

In other big player news, the class action against Organigram for tainted cannabis will not be heard by the Supreme Court. CBC

On the Canopy front, new CBD drinks are launching in the US and Canada. Yahoo Finance

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