Trying to end the year on a high note

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Well, this is the last Monday newsletter of 2020. For that, we are thankful.

We will be winding down and taking some deep breaths this week as we gear up for a big 2021 with loads on the docket. We’ll be sharing what we have in store next year in January.

For now, stay safe and stay distant.

Read on…

Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations are all the rage in cannabis these days. But US securities regulators are considerably less keen. Regulators are asking SPACs to up their transparency game. (Funny, John Prentice asked for something similar in September…) MJ Biz Daily

The DEA has issued new rules to allow for more research cannabis growers. Our friends at US law firm Saul Ewing Arnstein and Lehr take a look at what it means.

To Israel…

Recreational cannabis could become legal in Israel – Matt Lamers at MJ Biz Daily looks at the roadmap of how that could happen. MJ Biz Daily

Back at home…

As you may recall, Health Canada is the midst of a public consultation asking for feedback on what might need changes in the Cannabis Act. Yahoo! Finance took a look at what might change. Yahoo! Finance 

To the courts…

Canopy is suing GW Pharma on a patent infringement (for a method of extraction). MJ Biz Daily

While we’re in Smith Falls, Ontario… Canopy and the VC firm Canopy Rivers are breaking up. Newswire

During the holidays, it is a good time to release information you would rather not get wide publicity. Health Canada is taking this to heart. Opening up a public consultation over the holidays (see above) and releasing data on cannabis patients. Newswire

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