How to serve the cannabis retail ecosystem

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2021 will see a huge ramp up of cannabis retail outlets in North America – with nearly 1,000 stores alone expected in Ontario.

To track this growth, provide perspective and expertise and to serve the cannabis sector more fully – Business of Cannabis is launching this bi-weekly newsletter focused specifically on cannabis retail.

We hope you find this newsletter jam-packed with useful, actionable information. We also hope you will join us for our first Business of Cannabis Retail Series event on February 3. Details below.

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How to remain agile as a cannabis retailer

by Leandra Reid and Krista Raymer, Vetrina Group

The traditional retail model incorporating values of hierarchy, bureaucracy and process centricity creates an environment of rigidity. The results? Inability to grow, innovate and compete with rivals who are able to rapidly adapt to changing market circumstances… more

How Ontario now thinks about cannabis products

This week on BofC Live Lucas McCann from CannDelta unpacked the latest announcements from the Ontario Cannabis Store that they will be culling their product offerings to consumers and to retailers as well as building in a new, “craft” category of products. watch

How the Ontario cannabis lottery gave birth to cannabis retail franchising

by Matt Maurer, Torkin Manes LLP

Cannabis retail franchising in Ontario was born out of unique regulatory circumstances. Those same regulatory circumstances will ensure that franchising remains a large portion of the provincial retail cannabis model for some time to come. more

A look at cannabis store counts by Province

As of the end of 2020, Cannabis Benchmarks counted 1,369 licensed retailers across Canada. Store counts grew at an average monthly rate of 6% last year; December’s was higher at 7.3% to close 2020. The consistency gives us confidence that stable expansion of storefronts will continue in 2021. more

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Especially valuable to current and would-be cannabis retailers, this program will uncover why your online presence is critical to get right from Day 1 – so that your company is future-proof to ongoing regulatory and market changes.

Business of Cannabis Retail Series

Business of Cannabis is launching a new, monthly event: Business of Cannabis Retail Series presented by Vetrina Group. The goal is to provide a forum to build connections among current and would-be cannabis retailers and those that provide services, insight and expertise to cannabis retail.

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