How to attract cannabis talent in 2021

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This Business of Cannabis event on April 28, 2021 focused on hiring and salary trends in the Canadian cannabis sector right now.

This event was made possible with support from Cannabis At Work, the Official Human Capital Partner of Business of Cannabis and select segments from the program can be found below, including:

Welcome from Business of Cannabis

Welcome from Jay Rosenthal and Blaine Pearson, Co-Founders, Business of Cannabis.

Historic Hiring Trends in Canadian Cannabis

Alison McMahon of Cannabis At Work provided an historic look at hiring trends in Canadian cannabis and how the trend has changed over the past several years.

Insights from Cannabis At Work’s Annual Salary Survey

Alison McMahon reviewed the Cannabis At Work Salary Survey conducted annually and included the last insights about salaries for various positions in the cannabis sector.

How Cannabis At Work Approaches Hiring Amid COVID

This segment provided insight into how Cannabis At Work has provided services to the sector amid COVID. Specifically, Alison McMahon presented a case study about how a cannabis company staffed up during COVID with the support and guidance of Cannabis At Work.

Learn more about Cannabis At Work, the Official Human Capital Partner of Business of Cannabis.

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