The Pepsi Challenge — but much, much cooler

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Remember the Pepsi challenge, which started in the ‘70s and asked blindfolded people to taste-test Coke and Pepsi and choose their favourite? 

In a new video, California-based Flow Kana has resurrected the concept, pitting outdoor-grown against indoor in what they’re calling the #SungrownChallenge.

Respect the strategy

Featuring some of the highest profile influencers in the cannabis game like Benjamin Adams of High Times, weed nuns Sisters of the Valley, cannabis drag queen Laganja Estranja and so many more, the ad highlights the environmental impact of indoor-grown cannabis and aims to educate consumers about why they shouldn’t overlook lower THC flower.

“Like the Judgement of Paris, we’re seeking to challenge the industry’s misguided obsession with THC as the ultimate arbiter of potency, quality, and consequently price point,” said VP of marketing Annie Davis in a statement. “Emerald Triangle sungrown craft cannabis is just as good and potent as indoor. In fact, 68% of our #sungrownchallenge experts prefered it.”  

Product of prohibition

The obsession with indoor-grown — which we used to call “hydro” — came from the prohibition era, according to a fascinating blog post by Amanda Reiman that Flow Kana linked to in its press release.

“Clandestine grow rooms provided cannabis for the nation and fed the story that indoor production somehow equated to higher quality,” Reiman writes. “This resulted in the proliferation of growing equipment and infrastructure to support indoor cultivation.”

Imagine the freedom

From where we’re sitting in Canada, it’s tough not to feel a little jealous of the marketing opportunities in the US. (Let’s hope federal legalization doesn’t limit them.)

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