Ghost Drops honors its pre-legal past with an NFT

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To say goodbye to its no-longer-compliant pre-legalization branding, the newly legal Toronto-based Ghost Drops is selling it off in one-of-kind digital non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as it goes legit. (Le-what? Legit.)

“I love that our original fans have this opportunity to own a piece of the Ghost Drops legacy with our strain art,” said CEO Gene Bernaudo in a statement. “This way, the history of the ghost can live on with the fans who helped us get here.”

From stoned bananas to crypto

Featuring cartoon gorillas, stoned cans of lime soda and no shortage of anthromorphized objects — milkshakes, bananas and clouds of smoke, to name a few — the branding is a relic of the pre-legalization era (and, notably, doesn’t rip off any mainstream brands).

But it’s also just the starting point of a larger project: launching, a “platform for breeders, growers, artists and gamers to earn additional unforeseen revenue via sales of their seed packs and cannabis-related digital IP in the form of NFTs.”

Wait.. what?

The idea is to bring cannabis enthusiasts together in a virtual, gameified universe focused on collecting and growing cannabis. Users can lust after, buy and sell breeder packs of rare cannabis seeds, grow virtual plants and crossbreed seeds with other strains.

Ghost cash

The final piece of the puzzle is “ghost cash” — the currency used in the Crypto Drops universe. In partnership with QNTMPAY, Ghost Drops is making it easy to buy NFTs on the site with debit, some credit cards and Apple Pay. Through the service, the company will make peer-to-peer transactions free, and will even create Ghost-branded bank and credit cards.

“Ghost Drops has been a cultural icon in Canadian cannabis,” Bernaudo said. “Now, we’re about to revolutionize banking, NFTs and crypto in this space.” 

Let’s hope the weed is good, too!

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