Office Hours with Dan Sutton, CEO + Founder, Tantalus Labs

On February 9, Dan Sutton - the CEO and Founder of Tantalus Labs - Tweeted this: At Business of Cannabis, we wanted to host this conversation and Q&A, so we set this event to make it happen. We hope you will join us. REGISTER Learn more about Dan Sutton and about Tantalus Labs. Also, follow Sutton on Twitter.    


Cannabis Forward | Cannabis Beverages presented by Torkin Manes LLP

For our March 2021 Cannabis Forward program, we will dive deep into the current and future state of cannabis beverages. The program will include the science, the regulatory framework, the market opportunity, the marketing and the production of cannabis beverages. Presented by Torkin Manes LLP, the Official Law Firm of Business of Cannabis, the program will run all afternoon on Wednesday, March 24th - attendees will be given an opportunity to connect directly with speakers during breakout sessions as well as with each other for one-on-one networking opportunities. REGISTER.


Business of Cannabis Retail Series | Driving Customers In Store Through Digital Marketing

Business of Cannabis highlights the companies, brands, people and trends driving the cannabis industry. This ongoing Retail Series, presented by Vetrina Group, is a way for the retail part of the sector to stay connected and informed during the unprecedented ramp up of cannabis retail in Canada and throughout North America. The cannabis industry is currently experiencing an influx in retail stores throughout Canada. Approximately 1,300 retail locations are operating nationally, with another thousand stores slated to open by the end of this year. But it's no wonder so many stores are cropping up -- over 88% of cannabis purchase


Cross-Border Cannabis

As the march toward legalization in the US goes on, there are more Canadian companies and brands looking to enter the US market and many US companies and brands looking to understand and potentially enter the Canadian market. This Cross-Border Cannabis event, presented by Torkin Manes LLP and Harris Bricken, provides an opportunity to understand the landscape while hearing insight and guidance for the sector on either side of the border - as well as cross-borders. Learn more about Torkin Manes LLP and Harris Bricken. REGISTER


Building and Running a Thriving Cannabis Cultivation Business

This Business of Cannabis online event will be a masterclass on building and running a thriving cannabis cultivation business. The program will include insights from a successful cultivation business as well as expertise about how corporate structure and technology enable smooth operations and compliance. The event will feature: A one-on-one conversation with Sterling Stoudenmire President + CEO, Pure Greens. Cory Parnell, Chief Operating Officer at Bridge West LLC, will discuss risk management, business intelligence and compliance in cannabis cultivation. Chris Milan, VP of Sales, CannaBusiness ERP will present about how technology can enable compliance and streamline operations. REGISTER


Attracting Cannabis Talent in 2021

The cannabis sector is dynamic - with growth throughout the supply chain from cultivation through to retail. At this event, we will tap into the expertise of the leading human capital company in the sector - Cannabis At Work - to understand how to attract top cannabis talent right now. This program will explore hiring trends and salary insights across quality assurance, extraction, sales, and operations. Join Cannabis At Work, the Official Human Capital Partner of Business of Cannabis, to learn how leading cannabis companies are looking to attract and retain talent in 2021. Hiring Trends - Hiring trends are real-time indicators


Cannabis Retail Series | Importance of Accessories and an Inventory Strategy for Cannabis Retailers

This 4th event in our Cannabis Retail Series will focus on all things accessories as an important way to attract and retain customers as well as drive sales and revenue outside of cannabis. After laying the groundwork for "why accessories matter" from a retail strategy perspective, the conversation will shift to “how” to identify and keep stocked cannabis accessories. As well, attendees will have the opportunity to connect directly with accessories providers in order to make meaningful connections between brands and retailers. Register today.


Virtual Town Hall with Meni Morim, CEO, Namaste Technologies

This is a Virtual Town Hall with Meni Morim, CEO, Namaste Technologies. The event will feature a presentation from Meni Morim as well as a question and answer period facilitated by Business of Cannabis. To ensure that Meni is able to answer as many questions as possible, please submit questions in advance to by Monday, May 3. As well, questions may be posed in the chat of the actual event and will be answered as time permits. Thank you for registering and we look forward to hosting you. REGISTER


Insurance in the Cannabis Sector

As the cannabis sector continues to evolve and grow, there are still considerable challenges and hurdles accessing core business services and products - including insurance. During this session, we will hear from experts in accessing insurance for cannabis businesses - be they agricultural companies or retailers, and all types of businesses in between. Information will provide by the Official Insurance Provider of Business of Cannabis: Gallagher. REGISTER


Retail Council Forum

Creating new opportunities in Retail Cannabis The cannabis retail landscape is constantly growing and evolving. RCC’s Retail Cannabis Forum on May 13 will explore the newest trends and best practices in cannabis retailing so you can stay on the cutting edge of this exciting sector. Hear from cannabis retailers about creating immersive brand experiences, new marketing strategies, educating consumers, and finding the best talent. Stay tuned for agenda and speaker announcements. Business of Cannabis is proud to be a Media Partner for this event. Use the code "BofC" to receive $150 off the registration fee: register now Who Should Attend?


South Dakota Cannabis

In partnership with the Cannabis Industry Association of South Dakota, this Business of Cannabis event will explore the past, present and future of cannabis in South Dakota - both on the adult use recreational and medical streams. The event will include a look at the status of medical and recreational cannabis in the state, as well as well the political, social and business dynamics at play. Learn more about the Cannabis Industry Association of South Dakota. Register.


Retail Series | What cannabis products should retailers carry?

This 5th event in our Cannabis Retail Series will focus on all the cannabis product array cannabis retailers should be carrying - and the strategy and thought processes that go into making thoughtful decisions. After laying the groundwork for why retailers benefit from a product assortment strategy, the conversation will shift to “how” to identify and keep cannabis moving through the store profitably. As well, attendees will have the opportunity to connect directly with speakers and presenters providers in order to make meaningful connections. Register.

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