Cannabis + Technology presented by CannaBusiness ERP by NexTec

For the second year in a row, Business of Cannabis will host Cannabis + Technology - the preeminent event highlighting the innovators driving the cannabis sector. The program is currently under development, but will be released by September 30th. On both October 21 and 22, there will be talks, panels, demos and networking throughout the days. As well, there will be a virtual expo floor to speak to vendors, see demonstrations and explore how technology is advancing the cannabis sector. We are proud to announce that CannaBusiness ERP by NexTec is our presenting sponsor for this Cannabis + Technology event. Explore the

Medical Cannabis Week 2020 | Patients + Practitioners

To start off Medical Cannabis Week, we will focus on patients and practitioners - including access to and efficacy of medical cannabis. Day 1 is anchored in a conversation with Dr. Carolina Landolt of the Summertree Medical Clinic and the Science Advisory Committee of MediPharm Labs. Register. Noon | In Conversation with Dr. Carolina Landolt, MD, FRCPC, Summertree Medical Clinic and Science Advisory Committee, MediPharm Labs – Dr. Landolt is a leading Canadian rheumatologist, currently delving into the study, research, and discussion of medical cannabinoids. 1 pm | In Conversation with Dr. Blake Pearson, Founder + Chief Medical Officer Greenly Health – This conversation will focus


Medical Cannabis Week 2020 | Innovation + Research

On this day of Medical Cannabis Week, will focus on innovation and research happening in the medical cannabis space, especially as it relates to Canada. Day 2 is anchored by a presentation from Dr. Chris Talpas the Vice President, Quality and Scientific Affairs at MediPharm Labs. Register. Noon | Presentation from Dr. Chris Talpas, Vice President, Quality and Scientific Affairs as MediPharm Labs – Dr. Talpas will provide an overview of the current state of cannabinoid-based medical research and development in the Canadian landscape. 1 pm | In Conversation with Dr. Guy Chamberland, PhD, Tetra Bio-Pharma – Tetra Bio-Pharma is engaged in clinical research for a


Medical Cannabis Week 2020 | Advocacy

As the medical cannabis program in Canada develops, understanding and supporting the patients - without whom there would be no industry - is critical. Along with Medical Cannabis Canada, this program will look at challenges for patients and the advocacy efforts to support them. Register. Noon | Patient advocates on how Canadian patients’ needs are being served, what barriers they face and what should change tomorrow to improve, streamline and augment the medical cannabis access program. This panel is moderated by Max Monahan-Ellison, Board Member, Medical Cannabis Canada and includes Kween, Sarah Colero, Lisa Cohen and Ashleigh Brown. 1 pm | Max

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