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BofC // Quick Hits with Arthur de Cordova, Managing Director, Ziel

Business of Cannabis sat down with Arthur de Cordova - the Managing Director of Ziel. Ziel’s technology - Apex - addresses the need for yeast and mold control in the final dried flower product.

de Cordova is responsible for all Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, as well as Finance, at Ziel. Previously, Arthur was SVP of Business Development at RF Biocidics, prior to the management buyout of Ziel. [caption id="attachment_2197" align="aligncenter" width="430"]

Watch Ziel Apex in action.[/caption] Ziel has made tremendous inroads in the Colorado and California market - and are expanding rapidly in the Canadian sector as well. de Cordova describes how Apex works and the overall benefit to cultivators and processors who use Apex in their operations.