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BofC // Quick Hits with Saul Kaye, Founder/iCAN and Co-Founder/CannaTech

There was news this week that there was a roadblock to Israel's cannabis industry's desire to export medicinal cannabis. Business of Cannabis wanted to hear directly from Israel the status - so who better to check in with than Saul Kaye of iCAN and CannaTech. (We also talked Bill Nye the Science Guy.)

Australian expat, Saul is a successful entrepreneur who in addition to his work at iCAN, an Israeli private equity company focused on the cannabis space, owns several online businesses as well as SUBS, co-working hub in Bet Shemesh, Israel. Saul is a sought-after international speaker as an expert on the international cannabis market, cannabis science and the Israeli regulatory environment, serving as an advisor to the Israeli Knesset on medical cannabis reform.