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BofC // Week in Review - February 9, 2018

Another big week in Canadian cannabis.

For this week's Week in Review, instead of a guest, we'll look back on the week that was via Business of Cannabis coverage.

Early in the week, Aurora announced a $103.5 million/19% stake in Liquor Stores N.A. and BC released their retail sales and distribution game plan.

As the week went on, the Senate took up C45 - and a possible delay in legalization was discussed.

BofC checked in with Ivan Ross Vrána of H+K Strategies to talk BC and the Senate.

There was also international cannabis news coming from Israel - a frequent partner and friend of the Canadian sector. Specifically, Prime Minister Netanyahu - possibly responding to a request from President Trump - halted (temporarily?) the plans for exporting medicinal cannabis. That's why BofC connected with Saul Kaye - a leading Israeli cannabis expert to get the full details.

As we wrapped up the week, BofC Co-Founder/President, joined CBC's Metro Morning to talk about research regarding workplace readiness for legalization.

And with that, BofC Week in Review.