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Business of Cannabis Call In Live with Dr. Mike Hart - COVID-19 What you need to know

The first in an ongoing series of Business of Cannabis Virtual Events, the inaugural Call In Live will be held with Dr. Mike Hart. Dr. Hart is a the founder and medical director of ReadyToGo Clinic in London, Ontario and is a well-known and well-respected doctor who incorporates medical cannabis into his practice. He will join Call In Live to discuss all you need to know about COVID-19 as Ontario, Canada and much of the world is in the midst of social distancing in order to flatten the curve of the virus.

Call In Live Agenda
12:45 pm - Welcome | Jay Rosenthal, Business of Cannabis
12:50 pm - Remarks | Dr. Mike Hart
1:05 pm - AMA | Facilitated by Jay Rosenthal
1:30 pm - Program Ends + Announcements

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Learn more about Dr. Hart and ReadyToGo Clinic.