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Denis Adigamov of CannDelta answers a question about proper licensing for cannabis product development

On June 1, CannDelta became the Official Regulatory Advisory of Business of Cannabis. Each week, we connect with the CannDelta team to "Ask the Experts" on a topic relevant to the sector. This week, we speak Denis Adigamov about cannabis product development licensing and the role it plays in the legal cannabis regime.

To make edibles, you need either a Cannabis Processing License that authorizes the production of edibles or a Cannabis Research License for product development. There are some allowances permitting limited research and development for existing processing license holders. Regardless, if the goal is to test the consumer's enjoyment of your cannabis product, that requires a Cannabis Research License because those subjects are going to be tasting or consuming cannabis. Additionally, you need to consider the kind of outcomes that are going to be measured. If you are measuring therapeutic variables - such as onset time, pain relief and duration of the effect - then that's going to require a Clinical Trial Authorization in addition to your Cannabis Research License. - Denis Adigamov, CannDelta

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