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July 14, 2020 | Benchmarks Update - Cannabis Prices in Canada

Below is the part of a weekly series of benchmarks provided by the team at Cannabis Benchmarks®. 


In recent Cannabis Benchmarks CCSI reports, we have analyzed the price differential between the legal and illegal markets in Canada. Relatively elevated prices in the country's licensed system is one of the primary reasons for the persistence of a robust illicit market, along with lack of convenient retail access.

Both of these features characterize legal cannabis in the Northwest Territories (NWT), where data shows that cannabis prices are the highest in Canada and legal product may only be purchased at one of the province's five liquor stores or online.

In an attempt to take market share from illegal suppliers, the NWT government will cut the price of legal cannabis products by 10%.We believe the NWT approach will be seen as a successful pilot project, and other major provinces will follow suit. (Graph from Statistics Canada.)

Source: Canada Cannabis Spot Index, Cannabis Benchmarks