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May 27, 2019 Newsletter | The Legal Cannabis Finals

Two of the world largest cannabis markets - Canada and California - will face off in the NBA Finals this week. Could it be there is a correlation between legalization and NBA team success? Let’s Go Raptors…

Speaking of cannabis and sport… the NFL and the NFLPA are looking at pain management, mental health + (potentially) cannabis. Also speaking of Cannabis + Sport, you can always rewatch the live stream of the Medical Cannabis Week Cannabis + Sport program.

Get Outside

We have been following the 48North announcement about their outdoor cultivation license in Ontario - and a second outdoor cultivation license was issued to the folks at Agripharm in Creemore, Ontario.


The Ontario Pharmacists’ Association are keen to have medical cannabis distributed like other medications - and are lobbying to make it so.

The Federal Government announced $25 million for cannabis research in Canada - and part of those funds will “also be used to educate youth about safe consumption practises..."

The Markets

Organigram launched their trading on the NASDAQ last week.

Also, Flowr will soon be joining Organigram on NASDAQ.


We learned this week that Ireland won’t be legalizing cannabis anytime soon - according to their Health Minister.  

Canadians are drinking less beer and consuming more cannabis - according to Cowen & Co. research highlighted in Barron’s last week.

Cannabis brands are consolidating the Saskatchewan cannabis retail landscape - with at least 10 or the 29 stores being part of a bigger company or franchise.

Cannabis Trends

Last week, Canopy Growth acquired This Works - a UK-based skin-care brand. This follows Aurora’s strategic partnership with Evio.

To dive deeper on the intersection of cannabis, beauty, fashion, wellness and all things cannabis trend-related, Business of Cannabis is proud media partner with the Canadian Arts + Fashion Awards by helping present On A High on Tuesday night. For more on the program:

Michelle Bilodeau and Donna Bishop talk On A High.

And then...