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May 5 | Benchmarks Update - Monthly Legal Non-Medical Cannabis Volume Sold, February 2020

Below is the part of a weekly series of benchmarks provided by the team at Cannabis Benchmarks®.


Data from Statistics Canada shows that the total amount spent on both legal and illegal cannabis in the country has held steady since the start of legalization, but the licensed market has progressively been capturing a larger portion of the pie.

Cannabis Benchmarks believes that COVID-19 and accompanying shifts in purchasing habits will further benefit the legal market. Generally increased consumption could capture commerce that previously went to illicit sources, due to the convenience and safety of ordering online from provincial e-commerce outlets. Legal sales in March already saw an outsized spike in sales ahead of stay-at-home orders going into effect.

While sales volume is projected by Cannabis Benchmarks to subside in April, we expect that legal purchasing will trend upward moving forward.

Source: Canada Cannabis Spot Index, Cannabis Benchmarks