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Medical Cannabis Week | Innovating in the Medical Cannabis Space at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Innovating in the Medical Cannabis Space is a way to highlight the unique innovations happening in the Canadian sector as well as the legal implications and considerations when innovating in the sector. The first panel will be innovators and the second panel will include legal implications and considerations.

Panel 1: The Innovation Panel

  • Andrew Muroff, Strainprint Technologies
  • John Prentice, Ample Organics
  • Rob Adelson, Resolve Digital Health
  • Michael Kadonoff, Braingrid
  • Michael Litchfield, HelloMD
  • MODERATOR: Michelle Bilodeau, Journalist

Panel 2: Legal Considerations for Technology and Innovation in Medical Cannabis

  • Leah Rodin, Patent Agent, Blakes
  • Tricia Kuhl, Partner, Blakes
  • Melanie Baird, Partner, Blakes
  • Mary Jane Richards, Associate General Counsel, Shopify
  • MODERATOR: Robin Linley, Blakes