Can Aurora right-size the ship?

Aurora moved from its stock listing from the NYSE to NASDAQ this week as part of its cost-cutting and right-sizing plans, according to a press release. The primary $ACB listing…


Launching CBD gummies to consumers

On this episode of BofC Live, we connect with Nina Tu of Dynaleo. Dynaleo is a gummy manufacturer based in Edmonton, Alberta. Dynaleo has launched their own gummy brands in…


Don’t Discount Cannabis 2.0

Dry cannabis flower is still leading the pack of product categories in the latest data from Statistics Canada, but for the first time, so-called “cannabis 2.0” products like edibles, vapes…


Edibles Confounding Media…and Police

After a child was hospitalized from eating cannabis-infused gummies they thought were Fuzzy Peaches, Toronto Police Services told Global News that they wouldn’t be pressing charges against the parent —…

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